• AC and DC components, equipment, fixtures and circuitry ranging from 120 VAC to 480 VAC and +/-24 VDC to 480 VDC.
        • Specific equipment installations include:  power plants, rectifiers, converters, inverters, batteries, UPS, distribution bays and buss bar configurations up to 12,000A DC.
        (Buss bar cut, bent and hole-punched on-site for custom configurations.)
        • Grounding
        • Cabling
        • Alarming
        • Ironwork-Grids, cable rack, etc....

    • Central office, cell site, outside plant, and customer premise electrical construction.
    • Furnish, install, removal, and maintain batteries.
        • Flooded, VRLA, NiCad
    • Tower Antenna installation and maintenance
    • GSM, UMTS, LTE
    • Line sweeps and PIM testing
    • Antenna Tilts
    • New Site Builds and Mods
    • Fiber installation and testing
    • Antenna and line troubleshooting


    • Full DC Power Plant and Antenna engineering conforming to specific customer requirements and electrical codes
    • Complete in-house CAD floor plans and wiring diagrams with full-size color prints.
    • Complete iron grids, cable running lists and bill of materials.
    • Plumbing diagrams.
    • Complete iron grids, cable running lists and bill of materials.
    • Power consulting and customer support.
    • Equipment turn-ups, programming and alarming.


    • Professional Battery Disposal services complete with recycling certificate. Schwartz Electric, Inc. maintains an EH&S contract with AT&T and Verizon as a licensed and         certified hazmat vendor.


    • Direct pricing with C&D, Enersys, Saft, Northstar, Argus, ReliOn, Emerson, Tyco, Peco II, KIM Mfg, Albers, Enviroguard, Ramsey Group and others.
    • Relationships established for competitive bidding and expedited delivery on all DC Power Equipment, Antennas & Microwave including major equipment, cable, coax, iron, lugs, antenna, etc.
    • Well-stocked minor materials for emergency services and installations.

    • 24 hour contact for DC power emergencies.

    • General Liability insurance up to $6,000,000 per incident.
    • Environmental Liability up to $5,000,000 per incident.
    • Current Workers Compensation and Bond.