~ About Schwartz Electric, Inc ~

Schwartz Electric, Inc. is a DC Power, Antenna and Microwave Installation company specializing in telecommunications central office, cell sites, customer premise and outside plant environments. Founded in January 2000 by Jeff Schwartz, Schwartz Electric, Inc. quickly became and continues to be a trusted source for telecommunication firms throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.

Jeff Schwartz began in the industry as a DC Power Installer in 1990. Starting at entry level, Jeff quickly learned the trade and began running his own crews throughout California in just 2 years. Jeff began streamlining installation processes and simplifying the quoting and paperwork methods. Meeting deadlines, maintaining positive customer relationships and ultimately increasing the bottom line became the focus of his energy. After 10 years of successful apprenticeship, Jeff wanted to implement his methods and ideas from the top. With encouragement from the customers themselves, Jeff began Schwartz Electric, Inc. at the beginning of the year 2000.

After passing the rigorous qualifying job audits by the then Pacific Bell quality organization, NIQA, Schwarz Electric, Inc. was awarded a Pacific Bell IVEN number solidifying Schwartz Electric, Inc’s status as a qualified DC power EF&I vendor. Hiring quality and trusted installers, Schwartz Electric, Inc. soon became the primary telecommunications DC Power installation and engineering company in Southern California. The customer base has grown to include many telecom giants such as ATT Mobility, Verizon Communications, Verizon Business, Verizon Wireless, Cox Communications. Through consistent quality, honesty, expertise and timely services, Schwartz Electric, Inc. has evolved into a solid fixture in the Telecommunications DC Power Industry.